High Net Worth Estate Planning Series

Valuation Insights: Navigating Estate Planning with Precision

Alyssa Quinlan, CEO
Molly Gron, Sr. Vice President and Managing Director
Hindman Auctions

February 20, 2024

On today’s episode our host Mary Vandenack, a legal expert in high-end estate planning, tax strategy, asset protection planning, business exit planning, and an inductee into the NAEPC Hall of Fame joins forces with two distinguished guests: Alyssa Quinlan, CEO of Hindman Auctions and Molly Gron, Hindman’s Sr. Vice President and Managing Director, Trusts, Estates & Private Clients to discuss the pivotal role of properly prepared valuations and appraisals in various aspects of estate planning.  Tune in now to gain an understanding of the auction industry, the appraisal process, and its implications.