Mental Health Law

The practice of mental health as a profession brings a unique set of legal issues, practices and protections – for both the mental health professional and the practice. Employers and individuals can also face their own challenges as the result of a mental health diagnosis. Our mental health law specialty practice enables DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA attorneys to provide trusted counsel in this area.

Mental Health Practitioners

For the mental health professional, DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA provides the legal expertise to establish and grow the practice, in accordance with applicable regulatory and professional requirements, as well as protections that apply to employment issues. This can include:

  • Administrative issues related to the mental health profession 
  • Licensing and certification
  • Privacy and confidentiality in mental health

Mental Health and Employers

With greater recognition of mental health issues in the workplace, employers must focus on the responsibilities and issues surrounding the subject, and the well-being of the employee. DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA enables clients to navigate this area with confidence, bringing expertise to issues including:

  • Rights of individuals with mental health issues
  • Protection against discrimination

Competency Determinations

In addition, we’re able to provide assistance with the concerns and questions surrounding competency determinations.

Practice Areas

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