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DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA is consistently recognized by our peers and by our clients for our expertise. That’s by design. We bring together attorneys and staff that bring the advantage of experience large and mid-size Midwestern law firms, and diverse backgrounds in finance, accounting and heading their own businesses. It’s a combination that enables us to develop strategies that effectively address and resolve the issues at hand.

We also know the value of highly specialized legal practice. Our attorneys represent  closely-held businesses, individuals and families in a way that demonstrates our in-depth knowledge and understanding of such practice areas as:

It’s critical that the wealth and assets you’ve worked hard to acquire are safeguarded with proven strategies and structures that are specific to your situation and circumstances. DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA makes that possible.

Successfully analyze and navigate any legal issue related to your business from intellectual property, business structure and tax planning to human resources and succession planning.

Our thoughtful approach to the legal issues of aging enables you to address decisions that are key to successful aging – including asset planning and protection, healthcare, power of attorney and more.

Preserve generational wealth and hard-earned assets with strategies based on high-end tax acumen, legal expertise, asset structures and ownership interests that ensure security and financial stability.

Healthcare providers face a unique set of legal requirements, and our experienced team is adept in addressing all the issues associated with the practice of healthcare and operating a business – from compliance and security to compensation, contracts and tax strategies.

Mental health is a rapidly growing issue across industries. DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA is knowledgeable in all aspects of this specialty area – from mental health practitioners, to employers, to the rights of those with mental health issues.

DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA attorneys bring business experience, legal expertise and great attention-to-detail to commercial and residential real estate transactions with time-proven strategies to maximize budgets and avoid negative tax consequences.

Our tax attorneys have extensive backgrounds in tax, business, finance, and accounting, resulting in proven strategies to keep tax burdens under control, analyze the tax consequences of business transactions, and overcome tax controversy issues.

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