Asset Protection

The attorney team at DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA provides counsel and expert legal strategies and structures to preserve and protect assets and safeguard wealth – based on your situation and specific needs. Our clients run the gamut of high-liability professions, such as doctors, lawyers, manufacturing companies and businesses with significant risk; patients facing creditors and threats of foreclosure; and grandparent hoping to pass on wealth to future generation.

Our recommendations may include:

  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) – as a means of transferring substantial wealth to the next generation or to provide managing partners with control over funds and distribution while limiting tax consequences.
  • Complex Estate and Creditor Issues – are resolved through our expertise in developing complex estate and business succession plans, along with loan modification workouts, bankruptcy or another form of debt relief.
  • Preferred Freeze Partnerships – 
  • Domestic Asset Protection Trusts – 
  • Creditor Exemption Strategies – 
  • Pre-nups & Post-nups

Practice Areas

DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA attorneys will represent and counsel you and your business with zeal and great attention to detail. Experts in tax and business law, our attorneys provide services in many practice areas, including:

From preserving your assets, to ensuring your wishes are followed after your death, our estate attorneys are expert and experienced.

Our attorneys have extensive backgrounds in finance, accounting and business, making them ideal counsel for all issues impacting your business. 

Aging, illness and other life events can impact the plans you’ve made. We can pull together legal, medical and support services to manage it all.

Put together strategies that effectively reduce tax liabilities, address regulations and analyze potential liabilities of business decisions with our tax team.

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