Legal Technology Series


Ben Schorr
Ben is a senior technical writer at Microsoft. He is the author of several books and articles on technology including “The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook”, “The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Word” and “The Lawyer’s Guide to Office 365”.

November 23, 2021
“Cybersecurity is a process, not a product,” said Ben Schorr, Senior Content Designer at Microsoft. Listen in to this week’s episode of Legal Visionaries, hosted by Mary Vandenack, the Founder and Managing Partner at Vandenack Weaver, as she and Ben discuss the cybersecurity process and how you can keep up with the latest issues and trends. Learn tips on how to get the process started, the basics of cybersecurity and why an exit process is important as well as how to protect your devices and the 3 things about authentication. Tune in and learn how to keep your office and personal devices safer.