Intellectual Property

DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA attorneys have significant experience helping clients to understand, protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. As experts in this practice area, we’re able to deliver key insights and practices that protect your intellectual property from those who try to profit from your hard work and intelligence. 

We work tirelessly to ensure clients seek and obtain protection for intellectual property – from initial development and execution, to its registration and potential use in production. DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA intellectual property attorneys understand the importance of intellectual property in today’s complex and competitive marketplace.

We are able to handle any issues that affect your intellectual property, including:

  • Start-up Intellectual property protection and branding protection – tradenames, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets.
  • Website terms of service,
  • Policing of intellectual property
  • IP licensing
  • Taxation of Intellectual property

Our intellectual property clients range from inventors seeking to patent their ideas to multinational corporations looking to protect their products from infringement.

Practice Areas

DUGGAN BERTSCH OMAHA attorneys will represent and counsel you and your business with zeal and great attention to detail. Experts in tax and business law, our attorneys provide services in many practice areas, including:

From preserving your assets, to ensuring your wishes are followed after your death, our estate attorneys are expert and experienced.

Our attorneys have extensive backgrounds in finance, accounting and business, making them ideal counsel for all issues impacting your business. 

Aging, illness and other life events can impact the plans you’ve made. We can pull together legal, medical and support services to manage it all.

Put together strategies that effectively reduce tax liabilities, address regulations and analyze potential liabilities of business decisions with our tax team.

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