Welcome to Wednesday

Happy Wednesday and Happy March!!  I believe mother nature is (thankfully) confused.  Isn’t March supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb?  How thoughtful of her to show a little kindness.  I hope she doesn’t decide to reverse the adage lager.  That would not be so thoughtful.

So speaking of thoughtful . . .

Quote: "It's important to be thoughtful and mindful about the things you say to other people." - Evan Spiegel


Thoughtful is an adjective which means being considerate and showing consideration of others. Thoughtful people pay attention to detail and everything they say or do. They are mindful of their surroundings, what others need, and how they can help those around them.

Being thoughtful is more than being kind.  A kind person gives you the impression of caring a little more than just being polite. A thoughtful person leaves you with a sense of having a deeper connection or relationship.  A thoughtful person puts themself in your shoes and tries to put their kind words into meaningful actions.

Thoughtfulness is a positive human trait. It enables us to strengthen relationships and live more meaningfully with others. Although the act of being thoughtful is founded in doing things for others, it can be amazingly good for our own health and wellbeing  too.

Author, Sarah Grocutt, offers these tips on how to be more thoughtful:

  • Take time to listen to others.
  • Try to share small acts of kindness.
  • Give meaningful compliments.
  • Show your gratitude and thankfulness.
  • Try and remember important dates.
  • Consider slowing down. When you are too busy, you are too busy to think about others.

Being thoughtful is more than just being nice or polite to people.  It means you are taking time to think about others. What was your last thoughtful act of kindness? What will be your next?

Bringing It Home:

The Team at Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen takes time to be thoughtful of the needs of our clients and the community we serve.  By carefully and considerately listening to those we represent, together we formulate a personalized path to success and attainment of goals.  We pay careful attention to detail and put words into actions. We take the time to reflect on the situation and make the best use of everyone’s time to achieve the best outcome. When you thoughtfully consider the Team at Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen you can be confident in you have made the right decision.

Have a super rest of the week.  Let’s have some fun and try to do at least one thoughtful act for someone every day.  Feel free to share your experience if you are so inclined.