Welcome to Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you. Did you know today is national hot dog day? That really has nothing to do with the topic for today, I just wanted you all to know in case you had not planned your meals for today!! However, let me be clear in saying how much I do enjoy a plump, juicy hot dog.

So, while we are being clear, let’s consider this:



Clarity is defined as, “the quality of being clear and easy to understand, see, or hear: it is the quality of being coherent and intelligible; the quality of transparency or purity. “ Clarity is the most important component of communication. When you are communicating, written or verbal, you want to be clear. That means choosing your words deliberately and making sure your message is easy to understand.

Clarity is important in communication for several reasons. First, it allows the message to be understood by the person receiving it. If the message is not clear, it can lead to misunderstandings. Second, clarity prevents misunderstanding and conflict. When people are unclear about what they are supposed to do or what is expected of them, it can lead to frustration and conflict. Lastly, clarity is important for effective communication. If the message is not clear, it will be difficult for those receiving it to take action on it. In order for communication to be effective, it must be clear.

In order to communicate with clarity, it is important that you be clear about what you want to say. This means thinking about what you want to communicate before you say it. Here are some tips from Antoni Lacinai to help you communicate with clarity: 

  1. Know your audience. Think about who your audience is and what they need to know.
  2. Keep it simple. Use language that is simple and easy to understand.
  3. Be clear and concise. Be clear about what you want to say and get to the point.
  4. Use examples to illustrate your point.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Be patient. Remember, not everyone learns at the same pace or understands things in the same way.
  7. Practice. The more you practice communicating, the better you will become at it.

Communicating effectively takes time and effort, but it is worth it when you are able to be clear and concise in your communication. Remember the 7 C’s of good communication: Clear, Concise, Concrete, Correct, Coherent, Complete, and Courteous.

Bringing it Home

The Team at Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen are professionals in the art of communication. Our clients come to us seeking direction in attaining their goals and expectations. It is our responsibility to provide clear, concise, and understandable directions so they can make informed decisions which will lead to successful outcomes. The Team at Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen has to be clear. When we are clear, you can be confident in your vision as we work together to reach your goals.

Have a great rest of your week and enjoy a hot dog today!