Welcome to Wednesday

Hello Everyone,

The days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer, there’s a chill in the air; you can just tell things are about to change. We are getting ready to align with a new season, ready or not. Thanks to Jim Duggan for giving me a new word to ponder this week.



Sure, there are signs that your vehicle is out of alignment: Uneven tire wear.;  Steering wheel being crooked when you are driving straight, Noisy teering; Pulling to the right or left; Humming or drumming sound when you are driving; Squealing tires; or a bumpier ride. But what if you are out of alignment? Are there any warning signs you need to watch out for?

Rachel Foy, a contributing writer for Medium, offers 7 signs that you may be out of alignment: 

  1. FEELING ANXIOUS AND UNSETTLED for no specific reason.
  2. HAVING A SENSE THAT SOMETHING IS OFF; that feeling that something isn’t quite right but you can’t quite put your finger on it.
  3. FEELING TIRED AND EXHAUSTED. We believe we can do it all. We think that we have everything under control. Until exhaustion kicks in and we crash and burn.
  5. FEELING RESTLESS; not quite the same as being unsettled, this is more of having a desire to go and just walk away.
  6. YOU’VE FORGOTTEN WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP; what can you do that will make you smile?
  7. YOU NUMB OUT OF YOUR CURRENT REALITY; feeling flat, disconnected, joyless, empty, bored, anxious, unsettled, unfulfilled, unsatisfied and craving for more.

Alignment is your default setting, we have just forgotten what it feels like. So how can you become more aligned? Rachel Foy offers these suggestions:

  • Pay attention,
  • Get curious and ask questions;
  • Take responsibility for your life and your happiness. Only you can change your life.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Get quiet.
  • Make space and time for yourself outside of work, families, and grown up responsibilities.
  • Have fun and add more joy in to your week.
  • Get support from the right people to help you.

Bringing it Home 

The Vandenack Weaver Team knows that being out of alignment, if not treated effectively, can lead to much more serious conditions. We have the time, talent, and resources to help you make adjustments and put your life in balance. Align with the Vandenack Weaver Team and enjoy a smoother ride.

As you get ready for winter, take time to check your alignment, not just your car’s.

Have a great rest of the week; stay dry, keep warm.