The Senior Scoop – Why I love Working with Seniors

Marian Weaver
Care Coordinator | Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen

My latest blog post inspires me to share with you why I have a passion in working with Seniors and have always been attracted to conversation, compassion and caring for them. Very simply put, Seniors are a wealth of wisdom, they do not often get the respect they deserve, and they represent “The Greatest Generation.”

If you have ever taken the time to sit with a Senior and get to know his/her story, you will find wisdom beyond your years. Living life comes with experiences, lessons, reflections and knowledge. I have found so much can be learned from a Senior to help guide my own journey through life, and it allows me to observe and experience life through a widened lens.

We have all observed that with aging, can come changes in physical and cognitive abilities. Society can be unforgiving when these changes begin to occur. Views may begin to diminish if a person is no longer considered a valuable contributing member of society. Some may consider the elderly a burden with a lessened value.  I value the human dignity of these lives. Each life tells a story and I wish to assist giving them the honor and respect they deserve as they approach their “Golden Years.”

I consider our aging population” The Greatest Generation.” One of my favorite parts of working with this generation is getting to hear the patriotic stories of the struggles and sacrifices many have made for our country. I will never forget the 97 year old gentleman who shared his experience of D-Day with me. He described jumping into the water off the coast of Normandy as being the “scariest day of his life.” This man had tears in his eyes as he relived the sacrifice he made for America. I owe this generation much for my freedom. Another brave client has spent a lifetime with pains and injuries from the Battle of the Bulge. So many of our elderly men and women have sacrificed so much for the freedom I have been gifted every day of my life. I have observed heroic sacrifice without complaint. I have been so inspired by this generation that I want to give back. It is for these reasons that I desire to do my part in assisting with quality of life issues among Seniors. I consider it an honor.