Business Exit Strategies Series

The Ins and “Outs” of Earn Out Agreements

Evan Levine Headshot

Guest: Evan Levine
Evan is the President and Co-Founder of Complete Advisors, a wealth advisory firm in the greater New York City Area.

Nainesh Shah Headshot

Guest: Nainesh Shah
Nainesh is the Co-Founder of Complete Advisors, a Wealth Advisory firm based in the Greater New York City area. I bring over 25 years of experience in Business Valuation, Portfolio Management and Financial Strategy.

November 30, 2021
This week on Legal Visionaries our host, Mary Vandenack, founder and managing partner at Vandenack Weaver, talks to Evan Levine and Nainesh Shah, partners at Complete Advisors LLC, about Earn Out Agreements and why COVID brought more attention to them.  Listen in to learn the definition of an Earn Out Agreement, if they are uniform or specific, what type of payoff structures are available and the difference between diversifiable and non-diversifiable risk.  If you want to know how to evaluate an Earn Out or if you should even use one, tune in to learn from these experts.