Foundational Estate Planning Series

Strategic Conversations: Tactical Influence in Leadership and Communication

Mitchell Hockenbury
1440 Financial Partners

December 19, 2023

On this episode, our host, Mary Vandenack, CEO, Founder, and Managing Partner at Vandenack Weaver LLC, and her guest, Mitchell Hockenbury, a multifaceted individual, with roles as an accomplished author, motivational speaker, financial planner, and former military professional, focus their discussion on his book “Tactical Influence, How I Countered an Insurgency with Words.” Mitchell shares insights into the principles outlined in his book and sheds light on how these tactics can be applied to achieve positive outcomes for attorneys and their clients.  Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Mitchell Hockenbury’s journey, offering a unique perspective that transcends military strategy and finds practical applications in the legal field.