Some Benefits of a CRAT

Sue Leppert
Finance Director & Family Office Support | Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen

A CRAT stands for Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, a type of trust that allows individuals to donate a portion of their assets to a charitable organization while also receiving income from the trust during their lifetime. This type of trust can provide a number of benefits for both the donor and the charitable organization.

One of the main benefits of a CRAT is that it allows individuals to make a significant charitable contribution while also receiving income from the trust. The trust pays out a fixed dollar amount to the beneficiary each year, which can provide a reliable source of income for the donor. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who are looking for a steady stream of income during their retirement years.

A CRAT can also be a great way for individuals to support a charitable organization that they are passionate about. By creating a CRAT, the donor can ensure that their charitable contributions will be used to support a cause that they care about, even after they are no longer able to make contributions themselves.