High Net Worth Estate Planning Series

Preserving Prosperity: Mastering Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer

Zac Ritchey
Partner, Managing Director
Private Wealth Asset Management

December 5, 2023

Did you know that a staggering 70% of family wealth is lost by the second generation, and a whopping 90% disappears by the third?  Join our host, Mary Vandenack, CEO, Founder, and Managing Partner at Vandenack Weaver LLC, as she engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Zac Ritchey, a Certified Financial Planner at Private Wealth Asset Management about the intricacies of wealth transfer planning.  Mary and Zac demystify the concept of multi-generational wealth, discuss effective strategies to shield your estate from tax burdens without relinquishing control, and gain valuable insights into creating safeguards within your wealth transfer planning.  Don’t let your wealth become a statistic – tune in to learn how to strategically plan for a lasting financial legacy.