Healthcare Series

Key Steps and Legal Insights for Selling Your Medical Practice

Guest: Tracey Salinski

June 25, 2024

Tune in to today’s episode as our host, Mary Vandenack, a legal expert specializing in high-end estate planning, tax strategy, asset protection planning, and business exits, is joined by Tracey Salinski, a partner at DUGGAN BERTSCH.  Together, they discuss the important steps involved in preparing to sell a medical practice.  First, they emphasize the importance of retaining legal counsel before drafting the Letter of Intent (LOI).  They go on to describe the structure of a Letter of Intent and highlight why it is essential to have this document detailed and well-negotiated.  The discussion also covers financial preparation and the importance of gathering and organizing contracts and agreements to ensure the Due Diligence stage goes smoothly.  Listen in to learn what you need to know before selling your practice.