High Net Worth Estate Planning Series

Family Office

Mary Vandenack, asset protection, estate planning, business services

Guest: Mary Vandenack
Mary is the host of this podcast but will be the guest today.  She is the founder and CEO of Vandenack Weaver LLC.  

November 15, 2022

On today’s episode our host Mary Vandenack, CEO, Founder and Managing Partner at Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen is interviewed by Cheri Duryea, President of Duryea Strategic Marketing, about Family Offices.  “Family Office” can refer to a large variety of structures but is mainly focused on handling wealth management for a family with significant assets.  The episode covers the types of structures, considerations for establishing a family office, tax benefits, and a single family vs. multi-family office.  Listen in to learn all the tasks that can be handled through a Family Office and whether this structure might be right for you.